Rachel Brune

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Sweetheart Married for barely a year, police behaviorist, Ashe MacAvoy learns she's pregnant just as her new sister-in-law is kidnapped by a madman. For Detective Chase Weber, his sister's disappearance drives him to push away the only woman he's ever loved, and their future is rocky with so much on the line. A complete novella from Rachel A. Brune, writing as Becca A. Miles. Originally published as a duology with Marilyn Baxter.


Night Run

In the stone walls of a New York City cathedral, something old and uncanny awakes. Up North, out of reach of cell phone signals and easy surveillance, Rick Keller—enthusiastic werewolf and reluctant secret agent—answers an urgent message from one of the last friends he has left. Together, Rick and his friend, Victoria, must face the presence that lurks in the walls and return the Church to its former sanctuary.