Syn Ryder

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A Hunter's Heart




Jayne was on vacation. She's dreamed of new and exotic places all of her life. She picked the most secluded resort she could find. A trip into the jungle on her own changed more than her vacation.

Nian didn't expect to encounter such a rare beauty. She wasn't of his people, but something about her called to him. It was compelling even his inner beast. He kept his distance until he couldn't any longer. He had to know.

Find out if they come together in Saved.



Secret Bear

Love, passion, and the unexpected.

Hannah has never felt more in love and more alive, but something looms between them.

Bryan has hung onto something for over a year now. Something that could devastate everything he cherishes with Hannah. He knows he needs to tell her, but can he do it? Will she still accept him?

Will Bryan and Hannah find acceptance together or apart? Find out in this free short story today!