James Lindsay

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Plato Wyngard and the Valley of the Immortals

Plato Wyngard and the Valley of the Immortals is the first in a planned series. It is an action adventure, with a small layer of mysticism. The story is set in 1976 post war Vietnam. The main character Plato is a British ex-special forces soldier who now co-owns a cargo delivery business with Luther Macbeth, a US ex-marine. Along with Nhat, a young local hired gun. Bian, a young village woman, and Huynh, a river pirate. They must find four dragon statues that represent the four sacred immortals, with the statues they can unlock the secret of the Jade Cup, a receptacle that can grant immortality. But to do this they have to travel the borders of Vietnam and survive the secrets and traps of the immortals. Racing against them are General Tun, and his pet assassin’s the Wraith and Viper.