Marianne Ratcliffe

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Realm of Mindweavers

Teenage Zastra is a big disappointment to her father, Leodra, ruler of Golmeira, because she hasn't got what it takes to become a mindweaver. Golmeira relies on its mindweavers, men and women who can manipulate the thoughts of others, to subdue its enemies. Zastra is determined to prove herself worthy of her father’s respect, but her chance comes in an unexpected manner. In the middle of the night, Zastra is roused to discover that her father has been betrayed. Golmer Castle is swarming with soldiers, and the skies above it filled with monstrous flying migaradons, bred only to destroy and kill. Forced to flee, Zastra must rely on her wits and the help of strangers as she tries to outrun the powerful forces set upon her trail.