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Narada's Children: A Visionary Tale of Two Cities

Narada’s Children is a dazzling work of visionary fiction—a spiritual tale of two cities.

During the early nineteenth century, in the Horn of Africa, a man walks alone in the desert, with no food or water. Stumbling blindly forward through merciless heat, the wanderer, Narada, comes upon a verdant oasis where he encounters a woman named Hohete. She takes him to her father’s house in the ancient and mysterious walled city of Ja’Usu, whose patriarchs invite the stranger to tell a story.

Narada’s narrative, the transcendental tale of a yet-to-be-born people in a future age—Oakland, California, in the year 2003—will be told over the course of seven nights. During this time, he deeply influences the entire community—both leaders and subjugate.