J.A. Hayes

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Signetorium: The Depths

Perfect for Harry Potter and Maze Runner fans!

For children in Valkryion, the choice is clear: harness the power of their Signets and lynths or face the Depths in the Signetorium, the most feared abomination ever created.

Four young teens, members of an unworthy class deemed the Unsigned, find themselves cast into the lightless tower maze with no obvious way out.

The one rule for those downcast is simple -- descend farther into the Depths to try to escape while mastering the environment to defeat all that stands in their path. With descent comes many challenges and enemies intended to either make the teens more powerful or snap them from existence.

Rules are meant to be broken, but can the teens break free from contained chaos?

Magic. Awe. Discovery. Wonder.

Enter the Depths NOW.