Francesco Rizzuto


BFA, San Francisco Art Institute (California, USA)<br /> Studied Time, Space & Underwater Weaving at Università degli Studi di Palermo<br /> Print and online publication credits<br /> Technical writer and translator<br /> From Caltabellotta, Sicily

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Snapshots from A Tyranny of God

A TYRANNY OF GOD (ISBN 9781370238750) is a historical fiction drama coming to major ebook retailers on July 16, 2017. The novel has gleaned excellent reviews on the free platform Wattpad (, while excerpts were short-listed by several university short-story competitions in 2015-16. A TYRANNY OF GOD is not a religious work, despite its title. It is rated ‘Mature’ due to graphic sexual content that may be offensive to some readers, although it is not an erotic novel per se. This eBook is a compilation of Snapshots from Part One of the novel. The purpose of these short out-takes is to offer readers a taste of the narrative before deciding to purchase the much longer eBook or hardcover edition (approximately 750 pages).


SEX (and the Single Virus)

A collection of short stories with attitude. Golfers Natalia and Derek encounter Mister Enrod the Genie (Prince of Persia NOT). Ten year-old Dominic wears Adriana's silk camisole under his clothes. Single mother Anna succumbs to an affair with her landlord. Millicent (an aging electrical receptacle) experiences a 3-way hookup in the kitchen. Marsha redefines the term "premarital sex." Listeners call-in to their local radio station to speak with the H1N1 virus. Warning: Certain situations and dialogue may be offensive to some readers. Enjoy at your own risk (of becoming enlightened).