Katya Simons

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Pleasuring Elizabeth Sneak Peek

<b>Sometimes happy endings take a little engineering.</b> When the Bingleys visit the soon-to-wed couple of Darcy and Elizabeth for a quick respite, Darcy soon notices his good friend is looking displeased with the world. As he walks with him on the grounds of Pemberley--determined to uncover the reasons behind the destruction of Charles' usually cheerful countenance--Darcy uncovers a problem that he may soon share. <p>Fearful for his future happiness and determined to repair Charles's marriage before it can fall any more asunder, Darcy reveals the existence of a time machine. Using the device they can both seek a quick education in the physical arts to remedy their wedding-night woes. <p>And when Darcy seeks education he is schooled in the first of many lessons... in pleasuring Elizabeth


On The Prowl

<p><b>When work is boring and my mood is low, I'm a woman who likes to go out on the prowl.</b></p> <p>In the dimly lit bars where the grime smeared on the street level windows isn't the only thing that's dirty, I look for easy prey. Males who like to keep things casual and loose. The looser the better when it comes to my personal preferences for a strap-on good time.</p> <p>But after an unfortunate one night stand, a man I thought I'd never meet again turns up to the office as my new boss. This time, I might have bitten off far too large a mouthful. If his expectations become more demanding, I might have to toss in my notice, uproot my life, and move on to wilder pastures.</p> <p>Because my habits aren't about to be tamed.</p>