Anastasia Slash

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I flipped my head backward as the sound of her moans, and his gasps turned me on, driving me crazy. I felt the heat between my thighs as I got wet from my juice trickling down my thighs; deeply engrossed in pleasuring myself, I did not notice him staring back at me. Taken aback, as I opened my eyes, I winced. He smiled broadly at me but kept on pushing deeper into her. He whispered: “This could be you. Then he continued speaking quietly; my eyes read his lips: “Would you want it to be you? I boldly nodded my head “yes” Mr Voss is experienced and a billionaire man of the house. The thought that he made all his money from some music app not only turned me on but stirred up lustful desires within my body. I am inexperienced and untouched, but now I would like to try to taste what he is