C.M. Bacon


C.M. Bacon was born in the USA, but his home is wherever his feet are touching at that moment. That attitude helps when he's moving from country to country as an ESL teacher. When he's not teaching, studying, or writing, he likes to watch old sci-fi TV shows, doodle pictures, or take long walks.

Perry & Arvin Adventures is his fantasy-adventure series following the adventures of two young friends, Perry and Arvin. Book 1, The Gewgaws Adventure, was published in May 2016. Book 2, The Knick Knack Nightmare, hit shelves for May 2017.


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The Knick Knack Nightmare (Perry & Arvin Adventures, Book 2)

**Tell me what you think (good or bad) by reviewing this book online!** --------------------------- A mystery to solve! A villain to defeat! A town to save! When the world's knick-knacks go insane, teenage friends Perry and Arvin must race to stop an onslaught of dive-bombing birds, crazed garden gnomes, and millions more. Can the duo save the world? Or are they already too late? Your kids (ages 10-14) will love this book!


The Gewgaws Adventure (Perry & Arvin Adventures, Book 1)

**Tell me what you think (good or bad) by reviewing this book online!** --------------------------- Gewgaws are worthless trinkets . . . or are they? When 13 year old friends Perry and Arvin are pulled into a magical portal, the boys are thrust into a whirlwind adventure across dimensions. Jumping from one treacherous world to another, the duo must work together to find their way home. But while looking ahead, will they see what's following behind? "The book was great, fast-paced from start to finish. I loved it!" ~Mary L. Schmidt for Readers' Favorite "Gewgaws was hard to put down. The ending was a twist I hadn't expected." ~Amazon Reviewer Your middle school kids will love this book!