C.M. Bacon


Greetings fellow readers, writers, and spies for evil empires,<br /> <br /> I heard authors are supposed to write their bios in the third person, so here it goes. By the way, if it creeps you out to know I'm writing about me and calling myself C.M. Bacon, you're not alone. <br /> <br /> C.M. Bacon (that's me) was born in Utah, but his home is wherever his feet are touching at that moment. That attitude helps when he's moving from country to country, teaching ESL, or trying to look like a local eating cow brain stew in Tbilisi or eating Fire Tteokbokki in Seoul. When he's not teaching, studying, or writing, he likes to watch old sci-fi TV shows, doodle pictures, or take long walks.<br /> <br /> Perry & Arvin Adventures is his fantasy-adventure series following the adventures of two young friends, Perry and Arvin. Book 1, Gewgaws, was published in May 2016. It was 110% a labor of love. If you're an author/parent/cringy third-person speaker, you know what he means. Book 2, The Knick Knack Nightmare, will hit shelves on June 7, 2017.

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