A.J. Wynter

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Sorority Secrets: Hallow's Eve

CRASHING THE BIKER’S BALL TRANSFORMED THE SORORITY FOREVER Sarah’s college life was falling apart around her, but she was too in love with Brass Bonds’ VP Dax Thompson, to notice. When Dax unexpectedly breaks up with her, she is crushed beyond belief. She spirals out of control as she tries in desperation to get him back into her bed. ALL HALLOW'S EVE The excitement is off the charts in the Pi Omega Tal house as the highly anticipated Hallow’s Eve Biker’s Ball approaches. The pledges quiver with anticipation as they put the finishing touches on their risqué costumes. It’s going to be the girl’s first introduction to the pool of bad boys, and they want it to be perfect. When the unthinkable happens Sarah’s loyalty is put to the test, forcing her to choose between her Sorority and Dax.


Sorority Secrets: Date with a Biker

BRINGING A BIKER HOME TO DADDY... Falling for a biker wasn’t in the plan for college Junior, Sarah. Her parents would lose their minds, the campus rumor mill would run wild, and they would face intense public – and police – scrutiny. Dax Thompson, a seasoned member of the Brass Bond MC is street smart, tough as nails, and unabashedly arrogant. One warm September evening, both of their lives changed forever when the perennially single, womanizing biker, meets the smart, sassy, and sexy as hell sorority girl. HE KNOWS THE TYPE - A THIRTY GIRL ON THE PROWL FOR A BAD BOY. The Sorority proposes a mutually beneficial, and lascivious alliance between the Pi Omega Tal girls, and the Brass Bonds MC. IT SOUNDED LIKE THE PERFECT ARRANGEMENT, BUT THINGS DON'T ALWAYS GO AS PLANNED...