Bradley Charbonneau

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Every Single Day (sampler)

"He no longer resembled the mopey dejected "former writer" I'd known. He became unstoppable. A machine. It wasn't just about the writing, either. It was a deeper transformation. He became much more confident and bold. He was inspiring and even intimidating in some ways. He wasn't the same person anymore. He took risks and wrote books and closed his business and moved his family halfway across the world. He's done so many things I couldn't imagine "2012 Bradley" doing. That he couldn't imagine actually doing. I barely recognize my old friend these days, and I'm glad.

He realized his dream and became a professional writer. This book is only a small piece of the proof of that."

-- John Muldoon, excerpted from the foreword to "Every Single Day"


Tail Lights

Cool, collected, and completely at a loss, Charlie Holiday is not ready for his life to become "paranormal."