Rachelle Paige

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Another Bay (a True North story)

At twenty-five, Darcy Rogus moved to Madeline Island in Wisconsin's North Woods to help advance her career. (Tiny Island Summer) In the year and a half since her career nosedived, she's sorted out her professional life and thinks she has a handle on her personal life. Until more complications arise on the way to her ex's wedding...


Off the Dock (a True North story)

Finding the one was only the first stop on the road to happily ever after for Emily and Darcy. With only months to go until her wedding, Emily was looking forward to spending time with her fiancé, to distract her from the complications of co-parenting with her ex. She didn't count on Darcy presenting her with a compelling new business venture. Despite her initial misgivings over Darcy’s treatment of Eric, she can’t help but connect with the younger woman and admire her drive. Darcy has to make the most of the opportunity with Emily. Determined to be a success in her own right, she’s also struggling to help Ben handle his grief after losing his mom. She’s focusing her energy on her work, seeking a distraction from the unexpected external pressures on her relationship.