Patrick Barnes

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The Audric Experiment

It's 2328 and in Brighton, England, they call their society Audric -- a place where crime is non-existent and bad financial decisions are met with a bracelet shock and a mind-altering dream. Pierre Morena, the only seventeen year old with no shocks, known by his friends as Pure Pierre, wakes up in an infirmary and is told he fell thirteen stories and lived. Pierre is agreed by all to be an Audric success, but is he really the success everyone supposes? With no memory of the thirteen floor fall, he'll have to find out what happened, who would want to kill him, and why. His quest will lead him to infiltrate a rogue group that lives among them called Gamblers, and to befriend a beautiful mysterious girl who seems to possess some of the answers he needs. Please write a review on


The Avocadonine and Spring Stone

With five stars from Readers Favorite and Jersey Girl book reviews, along with a four and a half star average on Amazon, this is a must read. It's the story of Rey Naresh, a ninth grader who struggles through school with bullies, peer pressure, strange influences from the past, and a conspiracy at his school involving a medication that controls minds. Please write a review on