Chris Sarantopoulos

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At Horizon's End

Death made a mistake.

The Man Who Fed On Tears always knows whose time it is to pluck from the world of the living. His existence is one of a symbiosis between his need for the tears and woe he causes to those closest to the deceased, and the natural order of life and death to which he is bound. He never questions himself or his actions and has never made a mistake. Until now.

Stella is a four-year-old girl who misses her mommy and wants to see her again. She doesn’t yet understand the concept of loss, so when she sees close family members crying, she tries to stay cheerful and optimistic. After all, Mommy said they’d see each other again when the time comes At Horizon’s End. So if they’ll meet again, why is everyone crying?


The Man Behind The Bar

The past never stays hidden for long. Ben Stingler escaped his past for a quiet life as a bar owner. When a young man enters Ben's establishment, Ben's past catches up with him. An unpaid debt is now back on the table.

A short story