Leela Ash

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Katherine I felt so out of place going to my mother's fancy wedding on a private island. I could never dream of living a lifestyle full of so much luxury. With his tattoos and muscular body, I never would have pegged him as any type of billionaire, but with the way he demanded respect from everybody in the room, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised to find out that's exactly what he was. *** Dirk My father's new marriage is a joke, but the one thing I'm not laughing about is my sexy new stepsister. Her curves bring out the beast in me and I have to do my best to behave. Not only is she my stepsister, but she seems a little uptight. It's probably nothing a good time wouldn't fix, but I have my hands full already with my work.


The Alpha Shifter's Mail Order Bride

Maida is at the end of her rope…between an abusive stepfather and what feels like a totally dead end life, she decides to answer an advert for a Mail Order Bride. Well aware it could be an out-of-frying-pan-into-the-fire deal, but does she really have a choice at this point? She has absolutely no idea what she is in for…or of just how HOT it will get. Zeke has had enough of the all the womanizing. And after being cast out by his pack, and with what seems like all of Stonybrooke against him, it seems he has little choice but to find a woman from the outside world. But will she be any different from all the women he’s known? And is it even fair to pull her into his mess of a life? Maybe just maybe the 2 of them can carve out something new…