Robin Glassey

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Secrets of Fathara

WHAT IF YOU DISCOVERED YOU WEREN’T REALLY A PRINCESS AND YOUR PARENTS WEREN’T YOUR PARENTS? When Tika learns the truth about her past it changes her life forever. She's thrust into a world of danger and deception, not knowing who she can trust. But Mortan, a rogue sorcerer, has his spies, his evil Sha’andari, and even a traitor among Tika’s protectors. For there was a reason the Elves placed Tika with King Maric and Queen Isleen when she was a baby—a reason Tika never felt like she belonged, and a reason Fathara needs her.


The Least of Elves

Toran looked upon the other Elves in Xanti with wonder. They all had at least one Gift, they all had a trade, and they all knew their path in life. Why did he have to be so different? Now that he was entrusted with a delivery to the Human village of Kipra, he hoped great things finally lay in store — yet he feared his history of mistakes might spell disaster. Sosha lived each day with the threat of Mortan’s creatures finding her again. The scars on her face and her blindness reminded her she would never be safe from the Elf. And although Kipra Village had kept her temporarily concealed, there was one thing she had not planned on . . . Death. For neither faeries, nor her Elemental powers could stop Death’s hand from taking her father. Who would protect her now?