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The Fey Man

Join the quest to Faerie "Powerful" - Brian Sibley While Tir is conquered by the dragons of the West, Thomas Rymour hunts for a way back to Faerie. He's obsessed with its queen and yearns to be reunited with her. A quest for a magic sword might just grant his wish. Accompanied by the Shield of the Eastern Angles, a captured Westerner who is more than what he seems, and a boy who shares his mind with Faerie, Tom sets out to find the sword. But the journey will end with a terrible choice: spurn the immortal Queen of Faerie, or doom Tir to conquest and death. The Fey Man is an epic fantasy novel. If you like complicated characters, epic adventure, dragons, Faerie, and magic, you'll love The Fey Man. Download your free copy to jump into the action.