Rayna Morgan

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The Nut Case: A Prequel

Rayna's latest book is full of mystery, action, suspense and intrigue.
The day started with typical California “June gloom.” It turned into the starting point for two sisters’ adventures into a world of mystery and crime.
This Novella-length installment of the acclaimed Sister Sleuths Mystery Series is a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the end!
A fascinating introduction to how the siblings broke into amateur sleuthing by cracking a case full of nuts!
What readers are saying:
Kathy F: “This is a well written story with mysteries overlapping one another. Very good book. Am looking forward to the next installment. Loved it.
Dawn C: “The sisters are fun to read. The characters are well developed. The plots have twists and surprises. Can't wait to read the next one of her books.”