Rachel Jonas

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The Genesis of Evangeline (First Chapter)

True love never dies. It’s reborn… Evie Callahan’s an outcast trying to survive her first and last year at Seaton Prep. Connecting with Nick, her next-door neighbor, makes life in a new town more tolerable, but she can’t shake the feeling there’s more to him and Seaton Falls than meets the eye. There have been several natural disasters recently and the locals are bigger, stronger, and faster than most. Including Nick. But it’s hard for Evie to trust her instincts once she begins to suspect she’s losing touch with reality. Especially when someone who’s been haunting her dreams is suddenly tangible. Discovering who you are is scary. Discovering who you’re destined to be? Terrifying. Evie’s just a normal seventeen-year-old… right? Wrong. She’s so much more. And this is her Genesis.