D.B. Shayne

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Hot Fur Stripes

"A curvy journalist who has sworn off men of fur; a striped gorgeous billionaire intent on claiming her. And a deadline to fulfil a life-changing promise." It was undeniable. Jasmine and Terrence burn hotter than hell’s flames for each other. The hunky tiger aches to sink his claws…and other things into the beautiful, sexy journalist but a shifter Jasmine dated pulled a crazy act on her-now she’s done with furry men. Terrence is determined to make Jasmine his mate and he needs more than just her body hungry for him. He has a momentous pledge to honour and time is running out…


Fire In His Stripes

Finding your true mate is pure bliss, but the journey can break a man...or tiger shifter... This short story serves as an introduction to Terrence Devereux featured in Hot Fur Stripes (Striped Passions Book 1) and an alternate beginning to his journey to claiming the heart of his true mate, Jasmine Moore.