Tora Moon

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The Legends Begin … A tragic death. A broken bond. A fallen warrior. The Posairs have been fighting fearsome monsters for generations, Histrun and Zehala think they’ve finally found a method that will stop the monsters in their nests. But first, they must stop an evil tyrant. During the battle, Histrun makes a terrible mistake that costs him the loss of his love. Guilt drives him to the abyss of rage and despair. Lost, alone, and in search of atonement, he journeys to the seclusion of the Sanctuary. Can he ever find redemption and forgive himself? Redemption is the first novel in an action-packed, epic fantasy series. If you like ferocious shapeshifters, masterful story arcs, and intriguing magic systems, then you’ll love Tora Moon’s Legends of Lairheim series.