Chasity Bowlin

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Coming Home

Morgan Donnelly's life changed in the flash of an IED. His military career gone, he returns home to a civilian life he is unprepared for. He's equally unprepared for Lexi Flynn, the curvy and sexy baker who happens to be the baby sister of the woman he was once engaged to. There are so many reasons to avoid her, he can't even list them all. But every time he's near her, the attraction grows more and more intense, until finally, all the reasons in the world to stay away can't combat one irrefutable fact... she's his.


Worth The Wait

Hugh Elliott, Lord Elwynn, had broken Miss Augusta Penworth's heart twelve years earlier. Trapped by scheming mothers and marriage minded misses, he was forced to marry a woman he did not love, while Augusta became an object of ridicule. Now, twelve years later, Hugh is a widower, and once again scheming women are meddling in his love life... this time to reunite with him the only woman he's ever loved. But can Augusta forgive him? Can she get past the pain and humilation of his past rejection of her to embrace this new opportunity for love and happiness? Some things truly are Worth the Wait.