wayne Clark

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Noman Black Prayer

IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A NEW BEGINNING... BUT INSTEAD ALL THEY FOUND WAS THE WRECKAGE OF A BAD ENDING. Seven years have passed since the war in Afghanistan. Retired Marine Shay has finally found some form of peace with his wife Melissa and their young son Tommy. Their new home, secluded and quiet but with a mysterious past, is meant to be a new beginning for them all. But as the days pass, the house unearths a darker side. When Tommy falls from an oak tree, he lands in a coma. Will he wake or will he die? The doctors say that only time will tell. In his despair, Shay turns to drink to quell the hysteria he feels whenever he looks at his son lying near death in his hospital bed. Then the visions start… the house is filled with the tortured cries of a woman. PDF RECOMMENDED.