Brenda St John Brown

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A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about trying to play it cool in a fake relationship with your real-life Hollywood crush.

Bloody hell, I’m getting paid to flirt with Greyson Vaughn. Greyson-fricking-Vaughn! I mean, technically, I’m getting paid to pretend to be his “mysterious English girlfriend” for the weekend, but whatever. If I’m not all business, can you blame me?

You’ve seen him. He’s sexy like it’s his job. Although I guess it sort of is his job as one of Hollywood’s hottest actors. Still, I know that smolder he’s turning on is just part of the plan to fool the paparazzi.

But that kiss? Well, bugger me with a fish fork, I can feel it to my toes. Judging by the way he reacts, Greyson can too. And that’s not part of the plan at all.