Nichole Haines

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In The Shadows of The Left Door Written by Zoe Haines

THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN BY ZOE HAINES NICHOLE HAINES DAUGHTER. He went missing in a flash, disappeared in the wind, all in one night. I was told she moved away, but I’m on a journey towards the truth. “Hi, Janie, it’s me Ella, I’m here for a sleepover”, I heard the high-pitched voice, remembered so precisely. She carried a pillow, and the trees swayed behind her in the cold forest outside. It was nearing dusk, the darkened clouds hanging over the street lights. I can still remember her, her wispy blonde hair, and overall positive attitude. Anytime I turned around she always had a cheshire cat like smile across her face. I welcomed her in, the worst mistake I ever made. Mom told us to go upstairs and offered Ella a snack. “