Tamar Sloan


Kat Colmer
This is a gorgeous story, swoony and angsty all in one, with well rounded characters that you can't help but fall in love with.

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Make it Seen

He’s just there…but she’s not the one that needs to notice him. I’ve been Summer’s companion and self-appointed protector our whole life. I’m limited by my substanceless body, but I do what I can because I get it. I understand the fear. I understand the need to escape into the rectangle that never seems to leave her hand. She hasn’t noticed me since we were children, we used to play for hours. But I’m okay with fading into the background, helping her to forget the pain. Until the day we cross. As Summer walks the same street every week I see him, pass him, feel him. From the first brush I know this is something special. Something Summer needs to see. But how do I get Summer to notice him when she’s forgotten I exist? Make it Seen is a magical short story about love’s power to change ou


The Moment

Tara grew up playing and laughing with her two best friends — twins Noah and Mitch. Life is uncomplicated and carefree — until she falls for one of them. The wrong one. Tara is the first born of her pack, and with the title comes responsibility — the expectation that she will bond with an Alpha heir to strengthen her pack’s standing…and Mitch was born seven minutes too late. Tara’s heart is torn when a deep connection with Mitch is awakened and she discovers the potential for so much more than friendship. But her mind knows what she must choose. When the impossible strikes Mitch’s family, when their sacred Glade is threatened, Tara is forced to decide — her heart or her pack?