Caitlyn Lynch

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Tempting Treats - 1 full story

Curated by USA Today bestselling author Caitlyn Lynch, Tempting Treats is a collection of Halloween-themed stories from some of the best new voices in romance. Enjoy fifteen stories filled with masquerades, magic, and more. Ranging from sweet to sexy, this anthology will fill all your Halloween needs. You’ll be seduced by Fae and succubi, vampires and shifters, witches and werewolves as you’re swept away by the magic of Halloween! This sample from the book includes the complete story from Caitlyn Lynch herself, to give you a taste for more!


Ellie's Encounter

Jet-lagged after a long flight, the last thing Ellie needs is to get trapped in the elevator on the way to her hotel room. At least she's not alone in her predicament; a sexy cowboy named Jacob is trapped in there with her. When her claustrophobia starts to get the best of her, he's only too happy to lend a hand to help distract her. Both of them, actually. And his mouth. And the rest of his body...



Red Hots - Sample Story - Power Outage

Power Outage is a sample story from Red Hots: A Valentine Anthology, a collection of 18 short stories about love and lust on the most romantic day of the year!