Angela Blake


I’m Angela Blake, a Top #300 Amazon author and I love a good steamy story. Why? Coz life is hard enough as it is. I don’t want real. I want to escape. Into a world of love, sexy cat-and-mouse and the explosive, satisfying reward at the end of it.

Between working from home and juggling two tiny kids and a Labradoodle, writing is my escape.

I write an enticing blend of all things naughty. The things we’re not supposed to want but do. The things we deprive ourselves of but crave. Acting out on paper the dirtiest, darkest parts of my mind for your pleasure.

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Mob Boss Billionaire

He's the biggest mob boss in the country. Even the chief of police is in his pocket.
He chose me. A little virgin. Inexperienced. Nothing to offer.
He chose to teach me, to break me and to make me his.
Now he's my daddy.
At his instruction I command the respect of his entire staff. His entire world bows down to me.
Because I belong to the boss, my daddy.
And I will carry on his legacy.



Under his Control

Luke is much older than I am. Sexy. Toned. And a billionaire to boot.
I can’t stop fantasizing about him.
About what he could do to me.
I’m a virgin. I’ll admit I’m nervous. But I know Luke would be a good teacher.
If it means getting him, I’m willing to be a very obedient pet.
I want him to take me. Break me. Own me.
He’s about to buy us a house. Fund my new business.
Oh, and marry my mom.


I felt like his eyes were constantly on me. I sometimes heard them together; Luke and my mom. It made me long for a man’s touch. I’ve only done it once before and it didn’t really count.

He makes me want things I didn’t know I’d want. Dark things.
I have to have him. I want him to want me.
I want to submit to his every will. And make my Daddy happy.