Nathaniel Wyckoff

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Yaakov the Pirate Hunter

One morning, the Peretz children discover a pirates' treasure map in their family’s robot. It leads them to a mysterious treasure chest stolen from a Santa Barbara billionaire named Aharon Sapir. Yaakov and family manage to return the treasure and to outwit the pirates who stole it, but soon learn of a greater danger to the Sapir family fortune. On the Tunisian island of Djerba rests the Sapirs’ most sacred heirloom: the world’s oldest Torah scroll, an artifact worth a fortune. Another pirate is after the ancient scroll, and the Peretzes’ trusted robot dealer may be involved. Yaakov and family journey to the other side of the globe to track down a ruthless scoundrel. To succeed, Yaakov must decide between saving prized robot, built with his very hands, and protecting a greater good.