Navin Weeraratne

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The Hundred Gram Mission

An "Elon Musk" of asteroid mining, launches a private, interstellar, space program. Its mission: to settle humans at Alpha Centauri. He is mocked by a climate-ruined world of failing states. Yet, as the program progresses, it inspires hope for the lost and ignored. The status quo fights back - the world order of the "Big Five" superpowers isn't to be overturned by an upstart dreamer, who refuses to know his place. From the United Nations to Antimatter Physics, they face blocks. All the while, banned and restricted technology calls to them with easy answers. Will they solve fuel and mass problems using AI and self-replicating machines? Meanwhile, war-weary America and an ascendant China, hunt a terror group that has built a new weapon. Yet, can they even trust each other?