Stacey Thompson

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Payne: A Salvation Short Story Stacey Thompson

Payne has been a rebel all his life, but when Vampires are in charge, it may put him to the test.


Acacia Stacey Thompson

Acacia is a power hungry witch. Working for the dark side she is desirous to find her ex-coven sister and bring her to their side. She has recently been initiated to become Kalerian's power equal, giving her the ability to steal others magick, and find the object of her desire. She will now become a hunter of Freedom fighters and the Children of light. Doing the bidding of Kalerian, she will be forced to do things and prove herself in ways that just may break her.

Caution Mature Material inside


Tyler Stacey Thompson

Tormented by the memory of the woman who broke his heart, he became a Bounty Hunter to try and find her. She has managed to elude him for years. Now he is closing in on finding her, if Acacia doesn't find a way to distract him, and pull him further into the dark.


Kalerian Stacey Thompson

Kalerian is a killer for hire and the Kings of Hell see their opportunity to make him one of the biggest powers of evil in the world. There is only one thing that can stop him, the love he feels for a woman.


Lynn Stacey Thompson

Lynn doesn't know why she has to go all the way to Canada to save someone, but when Rhea tells her it's important, she listens. Even if it means facing the man of her nightmares.


Rhea Stacey Thompson

Rhea just wanted to have a normal life, but that isn't what she gets. She has to protect someone that is more important than anything else and to do that, she has to hurt the man she loved more than anything. She has a choice to make and it's going to be the hardest one of her life.


New World Stacey Thompson

When Vampires take over the world, there is only one thing to do. Fight back.