Jade Kerrion

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Miriya (Double Helix Women #1) Jade Kerrion

Thirty years into the First Genetic Revolution, society’s tolerance for human derivatives is wearing thin. Clones and in vitros are regarded with suspicion, and mutants with resentment. Yet in spite of the hostile environment, some alpha telepaths—like Miriya Templeton—have thrived. Her luck is running out. Destiny has set her life on a collision course with Danyael Sabre, the alpha empath who can kill with a touch. Whether he becomes friend or foe, whether he and she live or die, will depend on the choices she makes. On her decisions hang the outcomes of the Second Genetic Revolution. Miriya, however, does not believe in destiny, nor want any part of the revolution. It is up to the enforcer, Jake Hansen, to convince her otherwise, and he is running out of time.


Carnival Tricks (Sample) Jade Kerrion

1st Place, Royal Palm Literary Award 2015 A minor, carefully-hidden-in-the-closet telekinetic is the unwilling carrier of information the drug cartels will kill to possess. Her only protector is a mercenary who despises psychics like her. If you're not as powerful as everyone thinks you are, how do you save yourself, and the world?