Iain Rob Wright

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The Gates

The Gates is the 1st book in the epic Hell on Earth series, a terrifying thrill ride of epic proportions. You cannot escape death when death is everywhere. FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS A TERRIBLE ENEMY HAS BEEN WAITING... NOW THE GATES ARE OPEN... AND HUMANITY'S EXTINCTION IS ABOUT TO BEGIN... All across the globe strange gates have appeared at random. Anyone who touches one dies. Anyone who tries to interfere with one dies. The world's best scientists have no idea what they are, but one thing is certain... these strange gates are about to open.


Sea Sick

WELCOME ABOARD… Police Officer Jack Wardsley’s life ended the moment his partner was murdered, and his recent record of booze-fuelled police brutality has prompted his seniors to give him an ultimatum: take a few weeks off and let go of the anger – or face the consequences. That’s why Jack is about to board The Spirit of Kirkpatrick, a cruise liner built for relaxation. Unfortunately, he won't get the chance to do much thinking, as there’s a virus onboard, and soon the ship will be overrun with blood and death. There's nowhere to escape. Just when Jack thinks his time is up, he wakes up in bed. Was it all a dream? The day seems to be starting over again, but will this time be different? Or will things end the same way as before, with everybody dead? Can Jack do anything to stop the



#1 Revenge Thriller inspired by real events. During a week of sheer terror, a gentle family man is forced to confront a gang of youths outside his home and suffers brutal consequences that change his life forever. Iain Rob Wright's grittiest, most terrifying novel yet. A disturbing novel for fans of Eden Lake, the Girl Next Door, and the Purge. ASBO, Your fear is their entertainment. WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES THAT SOME MAY FIND UPSETTING