Samantha Andrews

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The Unexpected Valentine

The Unexpected Valentine reminds us why love stories aren't always so predicable... Daria and the pirates of the Vulva dock pick up some things they don't expect: a new crew member, a prisoner, and the antagonism of the city of Alexandrea. While the new crew member struggles with the new moral quandaries of her life, she decides it is her responsibility to help both herself, and the prisoner escape, alive. Sexual delights, promiscuity and violence are the daily fair for the pirates of the Vulva, but with the holiday of St. Valentine around the corner, these ruthless pagans are going to push Daria's boundaries, in more than one way.


The Filthy Billionaire

I've never been especially fond of these fancy gala events... They're just a bunch of spoiled rich folks, standing around and faking personalities with one another. Not to mention, how far my career as a pop artist has fallen over the years, my glory days passed, well before I've even turned thirty. Still, I attend the damn thing to appease the wishes of my annoying producer boyfriend Phil. However, the evening took a turn when I come across a familiar face - William, a billionaire. The two of us have a lot more in common than we might have suspected. He compliments me on my music, and the two of us flirt shamelessly. I'm left with an impossible choice- whether to stick with the old, or to take the plunge risking it all to improve my life for the better?