P R Adams

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Into Twilight

Double-crossed and abandoned behind enemy lines. It’s an agent’s worst nightmare.

In the 22nd Century, Stefan Mendoza is a loyal operator for the Agency, an organization that does the United States’ dirty work. Extraction, systems hacking, assassination—allies and enemies, he never questions the mission. And then the day comes when he’s considered expendable. His conditioning prevents him from breaking under torture, even if he wants to, and he refuses to die. Through it all, he has only one wish: revenge against the agent who double-crossed him.

But when he escapes and the opportunity for vengeance arises, Stefan finds the world has changed and so has he.



The Journey Home

He’s the grandson of a Cree shaman. She’s the granddaughter of a Berber marabout. Gifted with powerful connections to the spirits but refusing their callings. Elliot and Tammy don’t believe in the teachings of their elders. The two of them just want to live normal lives, to be like any other teen.

But you can’t escape your destiny.

And when they leave the creepy old mansion that was their home for half their lives, they find themselves pursued by the very same horrific powers they swore couldn’t possibly be real.

The Journey Home is book one of The Chain, a suspenseful new dark contemporary fantasy series.