Leeza Katrinova


Leeza grew up with a fascination for notebooks and writing utensils. She began reading and writing at age four, mostly self-taught due to her independent and determined personality. She has had a love of books and reading her entire life. And from her love of reading has grown a love of writing. She enjoys writing stories that embrace the human psyche and relate the joys and struggles that we each face, and how we live through those moments. She writes in the genres of romance, mystery, suspense, historical, literary fiction, poetry, and children’s.<br /> When not writing, she enjoys drawing and painting; spending time with her family; listening to music; volunteering with her local fire department; and playing the piano and guitar. She lives with her son, two cats, and chihuahua in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. <br />

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Masha's Choice A Short Story from the Series Love, Spies, & Betrayal

Masha Kapriyanova lives in the shadows of her over-protective brother, Zhenya and his KGB and military friends. With the fall of Communism in Russia, freedom and a life of her own finally seem within reach. Craving love and acceptance, she falls for the wild personality and free spirit of Boris. But when Zhenya forbids her to see Boris anymore, she runs away with him. Once Boris has her in his hometown of Vladimir, Russia, Masha discovers he's not the man she thought he was. Then she meets Dima who proves to be not only a light at the end of the tunnel but also a complication. Unsure whose baby she’s carrying and fearing for her life at the hands of Boris, can she make the right choice to find safety and happiness?