Lizbeth Selvig

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Clockwork Whalers

Whaling Captain John Adkins has mixed emotions about the new steam technology that allows him to communicate face-to-face with other ships as well as people on shore. While it's convenient to see those he speaks with--he now can't get away from the whims of his fiancee while pursuing his career. Then one day a mistaken call leaves him staring at a sight unheard-of in his puritan 1800's world: a beautiful woman naked from the waist up.

Felicity Howard is tough, self-confident and used to adversity. When she realizes John is not her own affianced, she proceeds to berate him for being a murderer of whales--gentle creatures she has spent her life studying. Although from competing worlds, John and Felicity embark on a journey of discovery--about whales and about love.