Angela Clarke

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Watching You Sleep - A Short Story Compendium

A deliciously dark short story compendium by Angela Clarke, author of The Sunday Times bestselling Social Media Murder Series. Have you ever loved someone enough to die for them? What about kill? Featuring psychologically compelling stories Watching You Sleep and Hewn Stones. 'A very contemporary nightmare, delivered with panache' ~ THE INDEPENDENT 'Written in the sharpest style, the story races along, leaving the reader almost as breathless as the heroine - but there is a verve to it that is impossible to resist… Clarke is certainly someone to watch.' ~ THE DAILY MAIL 'A chilling debut’ ~ HELLO! ‘An appealing flawed female lead who'll make immediate sense to readers who enjoyed Rachel in The Girl On The Train. An invigorating cat-and-mouse game' ~ CRIME SCENE MAGAZINE