C. Greenwood


USA TODAY bestselling author C. Greenwood started writing stories shortly after learning her ABCs and hasn't put down her pen since. After falling in love with the fantasy genre more than a decade ago, she began writing sword and sorcery novels. The result was the birth of her best known works, the Legends of Dimmingwood series. In addition to her writing, Ms. Greenwood is a wife and mom and a graphic designer. <br /> <br /> ***Fantasy Works by C. Greenwood***<br /> <br /> (Legends of Dimmingwood Series)<br /> <br /> Magic of Thieves ~ Book I<br /> Betrayal of Thieves ~ Book II <br /> Circle of Thieves ~ Book III <br /> Redemption of Thieves ~ Book IV <br /> Journey of Thieves ~ Book V <br /> Rule of Thieves ~ Book VI <br /> <br /> (Catalysts of Chaos Series)<br /> <br /> Mistress of Masks ~ Book I<br /> Betrayer of Blood ~ Book II <br /> Summoner of Storms ~ Book III <br /> Clash of Catalysts ~ Book IV <br /> <br /> (Magic of Dimmingwood Series)<br /> <br /> Thief's Blade ~ Book I<br /> Thief's Fall ~ Book 2<br /> Thief's Curse ~ Book 3

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