Caroline A. Gill

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Daggers In The Dark: The Uncertain Life of A Vampire Hunter, Book One

Valen Kildrake has a problem: Vampires are real, and they are very hungry. Armed with ancient spells, weapons of pure silver, holy water, and deep-dish pizza, Valen hunts down the monsters, confronting death in battle after battle. But he is only one man against a horde. Worse, his enemies are getting smarter and bolder. What will he do when a new force of unknown power appears? Who can he trust when other hunters hide secrets of their own? Clever vampires are winning the ancient war against the razor-sharp blades of the trained warriors of Mars Alator. One by one, skilled Hunters are dying. When a mysterious woman crosses his path of destruction, Valen must decide between honor and hope, between life and death. And so must she. And what they choose will change the war.