Margaret Westlie


Margaret A. Westlie is the author of a number of novels and two collections of poetry. Her four Scottish Pioneers novels draw inspiration from her Scottish ancestry, while her Paranormal Partners series (three novels) draws on her interest in the occult and paranormal. Another Way of Being is the first novel a new series, Partners Extraterrestrial. She lives in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, where her novels are set.

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Another Way

Advena wants to feel like a human. Jim needs to think like an alien.

Advena, a hybrid born of a human mother and an alien father, has feelings she cannot control or understand. When her flying saucer lands on Prince Edward Island, she slips away. She finds what she is seeking in Jim. When Advena returns years later, she is not alone. Her daughter, Nova, playful and full of fun, is with her. Their plan: to transform Jim and the future of humanity. But will their mischievous meddling in the lives of ordinary Islanders reveal their true identities?

Another Way of Being is the first in a new series of novels by Margaret A. Westlie. Playful, tender and thought-provoking, this alien romance will touch you.

Read Another Way of Being and begin your adventures today.