Nick Warren

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Execution Is Everything: The First Jon Kaine Thriller

"Edge of the seat thriller." ★★★★★ - Amazon Reviewer

"Absolutely brilliant and different." ★★★★★- Amazon Reviewer

"Slick, surprising, inventive." ★★★★★ - Amazon Reviewer

"Packed with tension." ★★★★★- Amazon Reviewer


"I'd landed in New York to commit a crime, but that wasn't the problem..."

Jon Kaine is a psychologist – confident, secure, and more used to business theory than bar room brawls. But when a beautiful woman takes the stool next to him Kaine's life becomes anything but theoretical – and as the night descends into violence he’s forced to put his skills to darker use. When you have 10 seconds to live, Execution Is Everything.

Written in the first person, Execution Is Everything is the


Jon Kaine 0: Execution (The Free Pilot)