Greg Hibbins


Greg has worked with adults, children and young people for most of his life. Greg is an experienced educationalist and pastor, and has the ability to take almost any concept and make it age related. For more than three decades Greg has held students enthralled with his fast moving stories. Greg writes across a number of various genres with his current focus on Christian fiction, Christian living and Children's fiction.

After living in Africa for many years, Greg now lives in the UK. Greg has been married for thirty four years to the most amazing woman and has two adult children and four grand children. Greg is currently busy on;

1) Dark Threat-Angel Force Book 3. This is the third book in the series.
2) The Amazing Adventures of Solly and Harry-Parachuting, Book 3 in the series.
3) Be Real Series- A series of 30 day devotionals focusing on key issues.
Be Real- Raising Boys
Be Real- Raising Girls
Be Real- Parenting
Be Real- Manhood
Be Real- Womanhood

Greg has been a soldier, educationalist, pastor and honourary game ranger. Greg is a gifted speaker who can deliver a range of seminars encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects. Thirty plus years of ministry experience has equipped him with great insights.

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Spiritual Warfare-A Guide To Spiritual Fitness For The Battle

This thirty one day devotional is written for those who have a desire to ‘Get real with God’ and who desire to ‘Stand in the Gap’ in the realm of Spiritual Warfare.
The author was saved out of an occult background, has served as a soldier and has been a pastor for more than thirty years.
This devotional is the distilled result of years of front line spiritual warfare.
It is the seasoned spiritual warrior, passing on the ‘MUST KNOW’ to the next generation.
The objective is simple; empower the existing and coming generations with their personal spiritual fitness plan, which will equip them to stand and be victorious.


Recalled-Angel Force Book 1

The dark spectre of violent extremism is engulfing the world, having global implications. The battle in the heavenly realm is fierce. God allows circumstances to develop, that leads to the Formation of Angel Force. They are a Special Force Unit of believers, tasked with combating the darkening clouds of evil engulfing the world.
It is early May in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The coastal Cornish towns are starting to come alive as the early spring visitors begin to arrive. However, a dark threat looms… The peaceful Cornish landscape is about to be shattered as an al-Qaeda attack is simultaneously launched on ten coastal towns, led by a radical mastermind. In Perranporth, one man witnesses the start of the onslaught. Can his past and his faith in God help him now to avert a massacre?


The Amazing Adventures of Solly and Harry-Up, Up and Away

The two boys featured in this series of stories are Solly, short for Solomon, and Harry. They are eight years old and are ethnic Capetonians, living in Cape Town, South Africa. The two boys are always up to mischief and have many adventures together.
At the end of each book, Solly and Harry journal all they have learnt on their adventure. This journal is a great tool for discussion, with parents, to reinforce good values and lessons that will equip the reader for life.