Stella Marie Alden


May Johnson
Very interesting story

Zaphira D Gheorge
Great cover!

Rebecca Janet
nice cover :)

Elsa Joseph
Wow!!! Check out those abs

Stephanie Patterson
To read Stella Marie Alden is to get swept away by passionate magic. Make sure nothing's on the stove!

Katherine Austria
WORTH THE READ!!!! love it :)

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The Angel of Soriano

I must have her for my own. She will not become one of Borgia’s many whores! In the early Renaissance, a noble captain must choose honor and duty or the love of a stunning peasant woman. Will he start a war for her? Lose his land, his position and his title? There’s heated passion, sword play, poison, and stay-up-all-night suspense before you reach the guaranteed HEA! “…Close your eyes and visualize the beautiful Italian countryside as Aurelia and Bernardo flee from angry family members, the horrible Cardinal Borgia, and the scheming grandmother of Bernardo's intended wife…”


Counter Play

"What the f*ck are you doing here?" My jaw drops open at the sight of Mary Jane McAllister lying naked on my bed in my hotel room. When I find out who let her in, heads are going to roll. My ex stands to her full six-foot height with her lower lip sticking out and a tear pooling in the corner of one eye. I may have succumbed to her antics long ago but I've learned a few things. Now, it's all about Mel. I suppose, after six months, most guys would've said something to their girlfriends about once being engaged but there are times I can be a real jerk. Selfish, some might say but it's not so. I just hate drama about shit that no longer matters. It's such a waste of energy. This is a stand-alone, HEA, in the Busted Play series. No cliffhangers and absolutely no cheating...


Her Haunted Knight

Enjoy this sneak peak! She rose out of the cold water, thin tunic plastered against her skin, and he was undone. After years in the holy lands, a mercenary knight returns to England to collect the debt owed him by the king. Reticent, Edward sends The Destroyer and his caravan north. More duplicity awaits at the Scottish border along with a beautiful lay-sister from a local priory. Even though besotted, the knight ignores the attraction for if he fails his next quest, nothing else will matter. Now, smoke burns within the priory walls, signaling the bishop intends to burn her alive.



Dark Vortex

He placed his hand on her bare thigh, just below where her shorts ended, and allowed his heat and energy to infuse her. She squirmed, pulling her legs together. So nice. So sweet. He added tiny jolts of electricity as he stroked her bare leg, and chuckled at her responsiveness. Her full lips parted, and her gaze went to his mouth. Not yet, Angel. “I’ve been looking for you for a lifetime.” He touched a lock of her dark hair. “You’re my hope. My salvation.” “I can’t be.” Her soft breath hit his nostrils with a scent that spoke of sex. His brothers had warned him about the hot and the cold of the mating ritual, but how could anyone truly be prepared? “You’re not already mated?” He held his breath. She shook her head and her lips parted. He exhaled. “You’ll be mine, now. Forever.”


Dangerous Code

He's a cop with dangerous eyes that see right through me. The only reason he stopped by is to get more intel on my code but if I tell him the truth, things are going to get a whole lot worse. She's a terrorist with green eyes and auburn hair that would send the holiest of men straight to hell. Yeah, I meant to seduce her. She's a little liar and with the safety of the whole damn world at stake, she needs to stop screwing around and 'fess up. A romantic thriller with a HEA guaranteed, along with a warning; reading may lead to sleep deprivation. BUY NOW Just .99: