Sarah Gai


So this is me in short. I'm plus size and completely adorable (or so my husbands tells me) A momma of three princes who light my world. I drink way too much coffee, chocolate is a staple. I love to write after midnight and my love for short stories will never fade. With such a limited amount of time to enjoy quiet writing, I have mastered the skills of fitting a lot into a small amount of pages. Humour keeps me smiling and well.. if you've read my books you'll know that I put a lot of myself into the characters. And to answer your questions. My best friends and I forgot the part about growing up and love every minute of it. I cannot pick a genre! Seriously, even though I mostly write chick lit and romantic comedy, I love tackling tough life issues in New Adult Romance and even getting lost in the world of Speculative Fantasy Fiction. Recently I started writing what I like to call Coffee Reads, short sweet little stories to get you through he day.

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Curve My Song

Fall in love with this larger than life trio. Follow the Curvies as they stumble through life, romance, drama and some plus sized laughs. Sassy full figured Bree carson loves her life, her singing and her two curvy best friends, the chubby Skyla and the always feisty Elise. But still she feels something is missing. Taylor Cole returns to his home town after leaving a decade ago. When Bree and Taylor are thrust together, old sparks from the past reignite. But can Taylor break through the walls securely built around Bree's heart? Will Bree let him?