Emma Jaye

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Discovery Hybrid #1

Enmeshed in a universe that wants to use her, a rare alien/human hybrid must find her way through political intrigue, lust, violence and ambition to discover who and what she is.

Chesara's extraordinary ability means she is coddled, pampered and in high demand from the wealthy of the Universe as she can heal illnesses and injuries far beyond the skills of medical science. Being pursued for herself, rather than her ability is a new experience, and one that thrills her to the core. Unfortunately things that seem too good to be true, usually are.

Contains graphic scenes M/F and some violence. It is intended for a mature audience only.


Holly Berry Sample

Shaking his 'master' snow globe, Father Christmas searched for a solution to the biggest pain in the butt he’d suffered from in years. The fact that Holly’s personality was completely his fault didn’t help. Everyone at the North Pole was suffering, including Holly because he’d had a few too many sherries before magicking her into existence to help with the Christmas rush.
Somewhere on Earth, there had to be someone who had a Christmas wish to spend some time with a cute, pain loving, sarcastic and bolshie blonde girl, who had a significant chip on her shoulder.
Father Christmas chuckled to himself as an image of a tall, brown haired man appeared in his globe. Oh yes, Kian Thompson had been a very good boy for quite a few years now, and he deserved a reward.


Seeking the Succubus

For latent vampire Gwendolyn Jones, her role is clear. Keep the males of her clan satisfied, prevent them seeking partners amongst the fragile humans, and exposing their diminishing species. Its an essential function, but contempt from the fertile females and many of her ‘clients’ makes her yearn for life where she’s considered more than a sex toy.
A part time job in a souvenir shop seems like an ideal compromise, until the overwhelmingly sexy chef next door turns out not only to be a rogue latent, but one with a deluded fantasy that Gwen isn’t a vampire at all, but a succubus he’s been seeking across the globe for years.


Call Girls: The Beginning

Sports bra kept woman or independent silk siren? Everyone has choices in life.

A rich, good-looking boyfriend, is worth suffering a little boredom and control. That’s what Sasha tells herself before a man with a sinful smile saunters into her life.
Pleasure for himself and the string of older women who fund his lifestyle motivates Max. Putting smiles on faces is his area of expertise, but his practiced techniques aren’t working with his sister’s repressed, lingerie obsessed housemate. Teaching Sasha what she’s missing, no strings attached, is a challenge he has no intention of resisting.

This prequel novella to the Call Girls series contains betrayal, over-the-top sexual tension, and lessons in love of the physical kind.