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Generate hype by distributing your first-in-series or exclusive previews

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What Authors Say

Instafreebie gave me a safe place to distribute ARC's, sneak peeks, and giveaways without the worry of unauthorized distribution. With their new Mailchimp integration feature, Instafreebie is my first stop for promotion.

Portrait of Kelly Collins, author

Kelly Collins

I love the simplicity of Instafreebie's interface and the fact that it's literally just a few clicks to get going. The best part has been what it's done for my reader engagement: My mailing list has grown by over 500%!

Portrait of Eden Rae Evans, author

Eden Rae Evans

Instafreebie is great tool for gifting books to your readers. It takes the work out of mailing individual copies, and your readers always get the format they prefer. Win-win!

Portrait of Sarah Makela, author

Sarah Makela

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