Trish Heinrich


I am a Pacific Northwest author, mother and total geek! You can find out my Origin Story at


Gerhard Gehrke
Trish Heinrich's books are always a blast. My wife loves 'em and I do too!

Sean Stansell
Trish's characters are rich, almost to the point where they remind you of people you know. Her stories are tense and fast-paced, with plenty of stakes. And her prose makes you want to keep turning the pages. Stop reading this and start reading one of her stories right now.

Michael W. Huard
Looking good!

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Vigilante. Survivor. Madman Serpent has been protecting Jet City for almost twenty years. Zeke is the survivor of cruel experiments that left him with unusual powers. When the man who kept Zeke captive threatens him and his family, Serpent is forced to come to their aid. To save them, she'll need to defeat a serial killer, soulless henchmen, and a sadistic scientist. Can Serpent save Zeke and his family without losing her soul? Will Zeke finally be free to live a normal life with his wife and child? Find out in this prequel novella to the superhero series The Vigilantes.