Tim Niederriter


Tim Niederriter is a freelance writer and editor. He writes stories in science fiction, fantasy, and combinations of the two for himself and for others. When not writing fiction or losing at video games, he maintains a blog at dwellerofthedeep.wordpress.com, and you can find his personal website at timniederriter.com. He lives in Minnesota for as long as the corn decides not to eat him.
He is a cohost of the roleplaying game podcast "Of Mooks and Monsters."

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Hunter and Seed Part One Tim Niederriter

One night on Earth, a man born to a different world sees his chance to return home and find power beyond. Saul is a maker, a person with the ability to create living creatures from art. He has trained his whole life to create a new world of his own but failed in the challenges required. Olivia is a hunter of monsters, scarred, wary, and skillful with her weapons. When a man is murdered in their small town, she tracks Saul down to bring the killer to justice. But the killer is elusive and has gained possession of a rare artifact that contains the potential to become a new universe. Their journey begins on Earth, but will take them far beyond, to places different from anything Olivia ever imagined, and that Saul never thought he would see again. The chase is harsh. Uncountable numbers of


Tenlyres Tim Niederriter

High fantasy meets cyberpunk. Ilsa Barrett travels to the great plateau where she was born. To outsiders she appears to be a mercenary, come to fight in the war brewing between her home city of Dal and the city on the other side of the plateau, but they are wrong. Ilsa and her allies must outrace the onrush of war to rescue a woman who may prove the key to peace. The mysterious monuments called the Ten Lyres have seen much bloodshed before, but is more inevitable? There’s nowhere to hide on the plateau.


Rem's Dream Tim Niederriter

After a nightmare infects Rem’s brain, her ambition of becoming a dream-scout seems impossible. Haunting visions threaten more than her goal. The nightmare pursues her at every turn. She must struggle to uncover the truth of the nightmare and find the secrets of the dream world before her mind unravels forever. Strangers become allies. Friends become enemies. Dreams become reality.